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Digital Material Passport from S1SEVEN Now Available on SAP® Store

Digital Material Passport from S1SEVEN Now Available on SAP® Store

Daria HonokhovaMay 14, 2024

Integrating with SAP S/4HANA, the Digital Material Passport DMP solution from S1SEVEN delivers automation and shares compliance with auditable quality and sustainability data for Steel, Metals and Plastics industries.

S1Seven today announced that its Digital Material Passport solution is now available on the SAP® Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings. The Digital Material Passport integrates with SAP S/4HANA, enables the replacement of document handling, and simplifies the material receipt approval processes.

The Digital Material Passport (DMP) revolutionizes the management of materials used in product manufacturing by providing a comprehensive digital representation of each production batch.

The Digital Material Passport (DMP) is a repository of crucial information that details the origin, manufacturing process, physical and chemical properties, and environmental impact of materials. Furthermore, it accommodates requirements tailored to various stakeholders, applications, and regulatory standards. Addressing health and safety considerations, processing instructions, and regulatory approvals, the DMP fosters sustainable material usage across its entire lifecycle – from production and processing to use, reuse, recycling, and recovery.

Hannes Stiebitzhofer, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at S1SEVEN GmbH, remarked, "The Digital Material Passport (DMP) signifies a paradigm shift in material documentation. By harnessing machine-readable data, automation, and efficiency, it replaces traditional paper documents, numbering over 1 billion, with a streamlined digital solution. It optimizes current processes, ensures quality standards, anticipates future requirements, enhances traceability, and champions sustainability, including Scope 3 considerations. Seamlessly integrating with SAP represents a leap forward in material management technology."

SAP Store, found at store.sap.com, delivers a simplified and connected digital customer experience for finding, trying, buying, and renewing more than 2,300 solutions from SAP and its partners. There, customers can find the SAP solutions and SAP-validated solutions they need to grow their business. SAP will plant a tree for each purchase made through the SAP Store.

To enable companies to become intelligent enterprises, SAP is expanding its vertical solutions with an ecosystem of industry cloud solutions. These solutions complement the existing SAP portfolio to extend the value of joint customer investments. S1SEVEN is working with SAP to create offerings that meet specific Metals, Chemicals, and Plastics industries. Learn more at SAP Store.

About S1Seven

S1SEVEN is the leading Digital Material Passport as a service provider for the steel, metals, and chemical sectors. S1SEVEN’s innovative solution revolutionizes how industries integrate materials into digital workflows. Digital Material Passports are reliable, batch-based evidence of a product's origin, quality, and environmental impact. The solution snaps into the existing, regulated process of today's still paper or PDF-based quality certificates and unlocks actionable data, verification, and integration capabilities. Leading material suppliers turn to Digital Material Passports to advance their products' competitive edge in the digital age and enable their customers to elevate productivity, automate compliance, and propel their sustainability goals.