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Automate, drive insights, share compliance with auditable quality and sustainability data for steel, metals and engineering plastics.

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A Digital Material Passport (DMP) is a digital representation that encapsulates comprehensive information about a material used in a product. It is specific to each production batch covering the material’s origin, manufacturing process, physical and chemical properties, and environmental impact. It can contain information addressing material, stakeholder, and application-specific requirements like health and safety considerations, processing instructions, or regulatory approvals. A DMP aims to promote sustainable use of materials throughout their lifecycle from production, processing, use & reuse, recycling, and recovery of materials.

Hannes Stiebitzhofer
Hannes Stiebitzhofer

Co-Founder at S1SEVEN GmbH

Replace PDFs with auditable data,
verification and integration capabilities.

Serving material suppliers and material buyers.

Material suppliers issuing DMPs


Orchestrate data sources and create a DMP from your existing enterprise software.

01 Notarize

Use your secure digital identity to provide immutable credentials to the DMP.


Material buyers receiving DMPs


Verify the integrity of the DMP content and the authenticity of its originator.

03 Connect

Simply integrate DMP data with digital processes in software and machines.


Pave the way towards decarbonization
and a circular material economy.

Value chain transparency without compromising confidentiality.

Digital Product Passports for parts are application specific records for serialized parts while Digital Material Passports are application agnostic records for material batches.
For most industrial value chains, 80% of a product's total CO2 impact arises from the upstream material supplies.
DMP Concept

A breakthrough improvement for all stakeholders.

Quality Managers
Production Managers
Sustainability Managers
IT Managers

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What our customers say

Today we exchange PDF or Excel files. If now we want to bring forward and share reduced product carbon footprints or increased recycled contents, we need other ways.

Dr. Andreas Wollny Project Lead Catena-X, BASF

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Daniel Botz
Daniel Botz

Head of Sales, S1SEVEN

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