S1SEVEN is forging the digital infrastructure for the new economy of industrial materials.
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Ownership of physical-related objects will be established and controlled via tokenized digital representations of these assets. This empowers entirely new cycles of value in a distributed and trustless environment.

Stefan Grüll, Co-Founder at S1SEVEN GmbH

With Digital Material Passports, we are rolling out an all-in-one technology platform to manage and exchange auditable data and asset referenced tokens over circular life cycles from existing enterprise software.

Hannes Stiebitzhofer, Co-Founder at S1SEVEN GmbH

No company will be circular alone.

In a net-zero industry we need to share sustainability within global value chains.

Materials such as steel, metals and plastics mark the starting point for most industrial value chains and the products we use everyday in our life.

Thus making them the silver bullet in climate transformation and the key enabler for the manufacturing sector to implement their sustainability and decarbonisation targets.

At S1SEVEN we are developing the digital solutions for value chain transparency and verifiable evidence on a materials provenance, quality, carbon footprint and recycled content over circular life cycles.

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An all-in-one technology platform.

Manage and exchange auditable data and asset referenced tokens from existing enterprise software.

Trust is secured cryptographically.

Our self-custody cloud wallets connect blockchains to enterprise systems and allow for API controlled signing and other cryptographic operations.

Standards are created on Github.

In collaboration with regulatory bodies and industry partners, we facilitate open data formats ensuring interoperability and cross network data exchange.

Material Identity ↗

True ecosystems are decentralised.

Together with industrial partners, we operate a built-for-purpose, low energy consuming blockchain network that serves as single source of truth for material genealogy.

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